The Jeweled Throne

Into Valyk's Tomb

The party moved on toward the ruins spotted in the woods. On the way they were ambushed by a party of six men. While melee ensued, one of the men stepped back, sniffed something from a pouch and began to go into a trance. His concentration was quickly broken by a member of the party. After this, the man was able to bring forth two gnomes (Earth Elemental) from the ground to help him fight.
During the melee, the party noticed that the wizard had three silver rings on his hands. After the wizard was killed in melee, Skrowel managed to cut off his fingers and retrieve the rings. Once he had possession of the rings, Skrowel was able to command the elementals to disperse. The party managed to kill all six of the men during the melee.
Once they reached the ruins, the adventurers discovered that they were once four towers. However, all 4 were shorn off at varying heights and contained no upper floors anymore. There was rubble strewn about and doors either ripped off or completely gone.
In the east tower was found two silver coins and a gold ring. In the south tower was found seven bronze coins and a silver coin. In the west tower they found four bronze coins and in the north tower was found a silver ring, two bronze coins and a tiny gold pill box set with a jewel.
The party also found trap doors in the floor of both the north and west towers. Upon opening them, each contained stone steps going into the ground. A horrible stench was emitted from each door as well. The party decided to enter the steps in the west tower.
The steps went deep into the heart of the island. As the party descended, the stench got worse and the air got cooler. The steps came out into a short corridor that ended in a door. The door appeared to be unlocked but somewhat hard to open.
Upon entering, the party discovered a large room (about 60 × 75 feet) with alcoves full of dead bodies. The entire room reeked of decay and caused one of the characters (the beggar?) to vomit. To the right of the party was a door made of a smooth, shiny red material. There was no knob or other foreseeable way to open the door but there is a hand carved and jutting out from the door. Above the hand on the door is an inscription in a language that none of the characters recognize.
To the left of the party was another door that looks to be normal. As they near the center of the room, six creatures come rushing in from the door without the hand. These creatures are under four feet tall and have tails about half as long as their bodies. They are covered in short fur and their heads contain a vertical mouth with short fangs. Eyes are set to either side of the mouth. Black horns protrude from their scalp and shoulders. They wear dyed-red animal hide vests and carry crude, stone weapons.
After a long battle the party is victorious. However, with victory comes sorrow as Shylock was killed. After mourning (for a few minutes or so at most), the party proceeded to loot Shylock’s corpse…and the adventure continues next time.


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