The Jeweled Throne

Travel to Valyk's Isle

While hanging out in a tavern in Bakshaan, Ilmiora, the adventurers are approached by Lanthin. He tells them that his employer, Thravose, would like to hire them for a job in exchange for gold. Our heroes are told to be at the villa of Thravose in two hours.
When the party arrives at the villa, they are met at the front gate by Lanthin and eight guards and escorted in. Once inside, Thravose invites them to sit and pours them all wine. He then propositions them to quest for the Crystal of Daerdaerdarth in exchange for gold. The Crystal is buried with some poor chap (he doesn’t say who) on a small island near Sorcerer’s Isle. It will look like a large ruby and may glow. The tomb may be guarded and the trip will be treacherous. However, the party will be rewarded handsomely upon their return. The party accepts the proposition and agree to board a galley that night to begin the trip.
The party spends roughly twelve days on a Tarkesh war galley captained by Lank of Pan Tang. The voyage itself was rather uneventful but the party did learn that they were not the first to attempt this quest. There was a prior attempt by a party of six men (including a Pan Tangian wizard) about three months ago. One of the crew members later tells the party that on the morning of the second day after the expedition arrived on the island, a longboat was seen floating close to the galley. After hooking the longboat and pulling it in, a man was found unconscious inside. Once revived, the man was found to be raving mad and shouting constantly about demons.
Once near the island, the party boards a longboat and rows to shore. Lank tells them he needs to sail for some supplies and will be back in about a week to pick up them up.
When the party makes it to shore, they discover another longboat nearby. The boat is large enough for twelve people but is empty except for eight oars and two coils of rope. The beach is bordered by woods.
As they are walking across the beach, they are attacked by arrows from the woods. The party manages to make it into the woods and find four men. Melee ensues and all four men are killed.


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