House Rules

Action Points

Each entity (PC or NPC/Monster) will be assigned Action Points based on their INT and DEX as follows:

12 or Less1
For every additional 12 points+1

To perform an action in combat, you must spend an action point. Actions include attacking, parrying, etc. The defender will subtract 30% per subsequent parry after the first.

Weapon Size

Weapons will be given a size category from the following list: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Enormous.

Parrying will be affected by weapon size as follows:

  • Parrying an attack with a weapon or shield of equal or greater size deflects ALL damage.
  • Parrying with a weapon or shield of one size less only deflects HALF damage.
  • Parrying with a weapon or shield of two or more sizes less fails to deflect ANY damage.

Critical Hits

If an attacker rolls critical, one of 3 things can happen:

  • Defender doesn’t parry or fails his/her parry so takes the hit.
  • Defender successfully parries and doesn’t roll critical. The defender takes only normal damage (NOT double) but their parrying weapon is broken.
  • Defender successfully parries with a critical roll. The defender takes NO damage and BOTH the attacking and parrying weapons are broken.

House Rules

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