The Jeweled Throne

The Voyage Home

On the way out of Valyk’s Tomb, the party decided to check out the one room they hadn’t entered yet just to see what was in there. As they walked in, they noticed a closed door across the room. After the usual listening at the door and hearing nothing, one of the adventurers grabbed the knob to open it. Everyone became a bit disoriented as the room changed before their eyes. The party had been teleported into another room.
As soon as the party was in the new room, they could see a pair of giant worms with gaping maws. Lucky for them, the worms were slow. Unlucky for Janikor the blood of each worm consisted of a liquid resembling mustard in one and ketchup in the other. As the fight raged on, Janikor became engulfed in buckets of her feared condiments. I’m sure she is hoping we do not come across any more giant condiment worms.
After the fight with the worms, the party entered a long hall leading out of the room. At the end of the hall was a door. Once opened, the party could see a small 5′ × 5′ room with a face carved into the opposite wall. The face immediately spewed four fireballs at the party. A few people were able to dodge the fireballs but those who couldn’t suffered burns and charred skin.
The hallway turned at this point and as the party continued, they noticed large slithery tracks in the dust. Janikor immediately worried about more giant condiment worms but was able to compose herself and walk on. The hallway made another turn and the party could see the tracks heading into an archway to the left. As they approached, a giant worm with the head of a woman came at them. After a short battle, the worm-woman was sliced in half and the party was able to move on.
Down the hall was yet another turn with holes in the ceiling and floor that lined up. After throwing something past the holes and seeing nothing happen, our heroes decided to venture further. At the end of the hall was a large room. In the middle of the room was a dais with a large throne. Upon the throne sat a large humanoid demon holding a huge mace in one hand and a huge sword in the other. As the party entered the room, the demon stood up, said, “I’ve been waiting for you. My name is Flawn. Prepare to die!” The party then heard the sound of a portcullis dropping in the hallway as Flawn attacked.
Flawn was not as easy to kill as the demon encountered early on in the tomb. However, with a bit of effort, the party was able to defeat him. They then found a loose stone in one wall that triggered a secret door. On the other side of the door was a staircase leading up. The party traveled up the stairs to find a lever that triggered another secret door. After entering this new room, they recognized it as the room across from the teleportation room in the main tomb. They were then able to finish leaving the tomb and came back out onto the island.
At the beach, the party could see Captain Lank’s boat waiting for them so they got into their trusty longboat and rowed out. Lank was surprised to see them but gave our heroes a warm meal and a nice dry bed for the trip back.
After reaching Bakshaan, the party went immediately to the villa of Thravose to deliver the Crystal of Daerdaerdarth and collect their reward. Thravose was definitely surprised to see them but happily gave them their payment in exchange for the crystal.
One of the adventurers asked Thravose if there were any books he might be looking for. His interest was definitely piqued as he asked if they had found any books. When told no, he replied that he had a client, Valdruna, who may be interested in any books they find.
So off we go to town to locate Valdruna and/or ask around about books…


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